Why would I want to go skiing?

Sam: When the weather is good and there’s plenty of snow, a skiing trip is my favourite kind of holiday. For those who’ve never been before (as Shauna hasn’t) it’s hard to imagine just how great it can be. I always try to explain it like this:

Imagine lying on a deckchair on a wide open ski slope, the sun beaming down on you. You’re surrounded by snow, but you’re wearing just a t-shirt and salopettes (ski trousers), your boots unbuckled, sunglasses on. You have a beer on the table next to you and you’re listening to something relaxing. When you take your headphones out all you can hear is the bustle of the bar behind you and the ‘swoosh’ of skiers whizzing past toward the ski lifts. It’s something like this:


Les Arcs, France

Imagine your favourite beach holiday, except when you get bored of your book, you can get up and glide down the side of a mountain. It’s perfect.

I’m not sporty

One of the main things people often say to me – and I can completely understand it – is: “I’m not very sporty. I’d probably break my leg on the first day.” Well, honestly, neither am I. One week’s skiing a year is about the most exercise I get, and I love it. It’s true that there is a learning curve; you will most likely spend the first two or three days of your holiday in a skiing lesson with other beginners. But I think that skiing is one of those things that’s fairly easy to learn but hard to master. For most people (and I’ve promised Shauna this ahead of our trip next month) by the end of the holiday you’ll be skiing the same runs as everyone else, maybe just at a slightly more relaxed pace. Which is fine – personally, I’ve been skiing for about twenty years, but I’d still rather take it easy and get to the bar in one piece.


I’m sure you’ve heard the term – it refers to the bit after you ski, when you head to a bar (could be on the slope or, more often, at the bottom) and start drinking straight after skiing. Personally I’ve never been all that into it, however most of my ski trips have been family holidays, so that could explain it. That said, I’ve seen some pretty fantastic parties going on while on the slopes… The heady mix of high altitude, plentiful alcohol and sheer adrenaline probably helps. Maybe I’ll experience it properly this year…

Méribel, France

Shauna and I are visiting my brother in Méribel next month, and we can’t wait. As I mentioned, it will be Shauna’s first time on the slopes, so I’m hoping the weather is good and the skiing conditions are perfect. We’ll be blogging about our preparation for the holiday plus our time there, so watch this space for more!



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