When the Sun Comes Out – Cycling to Howth

Shauna: It may be a stereotype, but Irish people love to complain about the weather. Aside from two to three days a year, we are cursed with grey skies and showers. However, one of those rare sunny days happened to grace us this weekend and we were ready to get out of the house and enjoy it.

What do you do on a sunny day in Dublin? The first answer that pops into any Dubliner’s head is most likely “cans on the canal!” However when you’re training for a 100km charity cycle in May and it is coming up far quicker than you would like, this is not the most sensible answer. The sensible answer is a lovely cycle out to Howth… for cans.


This is exactly how we spent our Saturday. We were tourists in our own city and cycled out to Howth, sat on the grass with fish and chips from Beshoffs, and went for a few drinks in The Bloody Stream.

Penneys Comments 6

Overall it was the idyllic picture we had in our heads (despite realising that city bikes are heavy and not made for cycling any distance, or at any speed) and was one of the best ways to make the most of the sun. We were too busy enjoying ourselves (and tiring ourselves out) to film much, but you can get a flavour of our day below.


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